1. Shakeup! at The Arcade gacha event

    The Arcade gacha event will start on September 15th and ends on October 15th!

    We will participate with 2 items:

    20 vintage rings (non rigged mesh, you need a mesh enabled viewer to see this item) 25L$ per play

    12 makeups, 50L$ per play

    Both items come with transfer permissions, so you can play and share with your friends! (Ring is also modify)

    For more info about the event:

    - The Arcade Official Website

    - The Arcade on Plurk

    - The Arcade Inworld Group

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  2. Shakeup!Accesories - Natasha Summer Scarf

    Natasha Summer Scarf is a NON RIGGED MESH item. It comes with a low lag resizer to help you fitting easily to your avatar. The scarf is available in 12 patterns!

    We have also moved to a temporary store while we build the new one, so the scarves can be found HERE

    We hope you enjoy this release!

    Hugs <33

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  3. Shakeup! Shapes Clearance Sale

    All shapes have been marked down to 100L$!!! This is because we are working in a new and different line with a bigger variety of bodies, of course including sizes to wear with Mesh items. Also, we will start a whole collection of MEN shapes that, as well as the females, will come with a big variety of sizes and bodies!

    So yes, this is a clearance sale, all the current shapes will be removed in a few weeks!!

    For any news, we will let you know:

    - Through our inworld subscribo group.
    - On Flickr
    Our Blog 
    Our brand new Twitter :D

    Sale is already going on at Shakeup! Inworld Store and Marketplace


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  4. Loute Makeup

    Loute Makeup comes in 4 different packs, with the following layers in each pack:

    - Full Makeup

    - Full Makeup + Teeth

    - Lipstick

    - Lipstick + Teeth

    - Lipstick + EyeMakeup

    - Lipstick + Teeth + EyeMakeup

    - Lipstick + Blush

    - Lipstick + Teeth + Blush

    - EyeMakeup

    - EyeMakeup + Blush

    - Blush

    Those layers for BOTH color combinations in each set.

    This way you can use and mix it as you wish :)

    Available now at Shakeup! Cosmetics, soon in Marketplace :D

    Skins shown: The body co

    Hair: Epoque

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  5. Dolce EyeMakeup

    12 eyeshadow tones + eyeliner included in pack




    Skin: The body co

    Hair: Truth

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  6. Sasha Lipsticks

    Sasha comes in 20 tones, and each tone has 3 different teeth options (no, no-teeth option isn’t available this time and won’t be, it just didn’t look good :D)



    Skins: LAQ and Al Vulo

    Hair: Truth and Catwa

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  7. Juicy Lipsticks

    Juicy Lipsticks pack includes 20 tones, and each tone can be used with 2 different teeth and no teeth options.




    Skin shown: Ebba from LAQ

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  8. Bright Matt Lipsticks Update

    Bright Matt Lipsticks update is already out. Now it comes with teeth, pout and no teeth options, and all of them in 20 colors.

    As always, an update has been sent to those who previously purchased the first version. If you are one of them and didn’t receive it, please contact Carrie Janick and a pack will be sent to you.


    Marketplace Link


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  9. Gatcha Disc Earrings!

    Yes! We have setup a gatcha machine with earrings at Shakeup! Accesories building :D

    The price per play is 20L, and the earrings are transfer so you can exchange prizes with your friends. There are 20 different earrings to collect! Hope you like them!

    Limo to Shakeup! Accesories store

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  10. Lara Lipstick Update

    By popular demand, we have updated Lara Lipsticks! It still comes in 21 colors, and now in 3 versions: 2 with different teeth and 1 without teeth!

    An update has been sent to everyone who previously purchased Lara Lips + Teeth pack. However, if you bought them and didn’t receive the update, please IM Carrie Janick and a pack will be sent to you ASAP!

    Limo to Shakeup! Mainstore



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